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Do you want to use Blender and open-source tools to produce architectural visualization? In Blender 3D Architect, you find the largest community with news and resources to use Blender for architecture.

What do you get when joining Blender 3D Architect Pro? Today, we have the following schedule of content for our subscribers:

Every week (3 updates):

  • 2 Video-based tutorials about the use of Blender for architecture (MP4 files + Blender files)
  • 1 Asset for architecture in the Blender native file format (Usually a furniture model) with textures

Every month (1 update):

  • One entire course or workshop from Blender 3D Architect. By the end of each month, you receive access to a whole course or workshop. The content always has a direct relation to Blender or architecture.

Cancel your subscription at any time

What happens to the content if I cancel my subscription? The content will always be available from your Gumroad account. You can keep all the assets made available to you during the time your membership was active. This includes the courses and workshops.

Tutorials and downloadable assets

All the content produced for Blender 3D Architect Pro has a focus on Blender and architecture. You can either download or stream our tutorials from your desktop or mobile app (iOS and Android). The tutorials are in MP4 format, and they include the source files (Blender files, textures, or assets) used to produce the content.

Here are some previews from past tutorials sent to subscribers:

Tutorial - Using the Blender Local View for modeling (Isolate Mode)

Tutorial - Modeling roofs with multiple slopes with displacement textures

Tutorial - Importing assets from the 3D Warehouse to Blender (SketchUp to Blender)

Tutorial - Modeling a floor plan from a reference image

Tutorial - IFC.js viewer for the web

Our subscribers can download past tutorials from their library. Most of the tutorials use either Blender 2.92, 2.93, 3.0 or 3.1 beta. You keep access to the content shared with you during the time your subscription is active. Even if you cancel it later, the content remains in your Gumroad account.

Here is a list with all available tutorials:

  1. Importing SketchUp 2022 files to Blender
  2. Modeling walls with BagaPie
  3. How to fix the Simple Deform modifier (Bend walls)
  4. Hard surface Modeling - Rounded planes (Bevel)
  5. Bakelab Add-on quick intro
  6. Precision modeling - Fixing rotations
  7. Quick booleans - BagaPie Addon
  8. Editing textures - Saturation enhancement
  9. Copies along path - Animation Nodes
  10. How to convert multiple assets to a single entity?
  11. Saving profiles - Bevel tool
  12. JMesh tools - Circular Array
  13. Bevel tool - custom profiles for modeling
  14. Cutout textures and the Asset Browser
  15. Asset Browser - Quick Start
  16. PBR Textures resolution
  17. IES Lights - Color and noise
  18. Rendering a floor plan in SVG with an isometric camera
  19. Drag options for modeling in Blender 3.0
  20. Transparent background for renders
  21. FreeStyle updates in Blender 3.0
  22. Exporting from SketchUp to Blender
  23. Managing linked copies
  24. Using multiple monitors with Blender 3.0
  25. Installing custom color profiles in Blender
  26. Align and distribute Add-on for Blender
  27. Modeling spiral stairs with the Array modifier
  28. Fastest way to create cameras?
  29. Blender 3.0 Beta: New knife tool for modeling
  30. Trying the IFC.js web viewer
  31. Controlling the emission shader with a Geometry Node
  32. Local view for modeling
  33. Modeling multiple slope roofs with textures
  34. Importing furntiure models from the 3D Warehouse
  35. Roofing tiles with displacement maps
  36. Eevee GI - Fixing common problems
  37. Baking materials and lights in Cycles
  38. Creating a studio scene for Blender
  39. Cycles X UI Overview
  40. FreeStyle and Dimension Lines
  41. Chrome material for Blender
  42. Controling shadows and glossy surfaces for each object
  43. Floor plan modeling (base walls)
  44. Making curved paths for camera animation
  45. Preparing files for external libraries
  46. Angled walls based on references
  47. Using the batch rename option for furniture
  48. Text animations for video
  49. Camera target for architecture
  50. Modeling with the Shrink Wrap modifier (Curved panels)
  51. Modeling - Curve based walls
  52. Architectural modeling - Polar Array
  53. Using the Floor Board Generator
  54. Align objects with Python
  55. Rendering dimension lines
  56. Scattering objects with particles
  57. MeasureIT ARCH - Quick intro
  58. Modeling tutorial - Curved ramp connecting floors
  59. Water material from scratch
  60. Camera correction for architecture
  61. Isolate Mode for modeling
  62. Random mapping for textures
  63. Custom glass material (Frosted)
  64. Shadeless material for Blender Cycles
  65. Asset browser of Blender 3.0
  66. Using Blender for color correction
  67. Publishing panorama images (360)
  68. Drawing and rendering dimension lines
  69. Modeling for architecture - Arch windows
  70. EEVEE SSGI Updates (#2)
  71. Area Lights - Beam Shape (2.93 New feature)
  72. Curtain modeling
  73. Custom controls for doors - Architectural animations
  74. Importing DWG files to Blender
  75. Using Gloss and Reflect maps in Blender
  76. PBR Textures scaling - Tile size
  77. Editing PSD files with GIMP and Blender
  78. Modeling tips - From mesh to curves
  79. Using LuxCore with Blender
  80. Modeling a curtain wall
  81. Section planes - Custom controls
  82. Cycles X - First look
  83. CAD Transformations (Add-on)
  84. Using videos as textures
  85. Exporting SVG files from Blender
  86. Screen Space GI for EEVEE (Blender 2.93 alpha - custom build)
  87. Importing SKP files to Blender
  88. Camera matching with fSpy and Blender
  89. Architectural animation - Reveal and section planes
  90. Area lights for interiors
  91. Profile-based modeling: Plaster molding
  92. Camera bind for animation
  93. Add a sky background using the Composite Editor
  94. Eevee mirror material
  95. How to save a view in Blender?
  96. Separating furniture models
  97. Using external references for architecture (Append and Link)
  98. Arch symbol: Doors
  99. Interactive modeling (Blender 2.92 - New feature)
  100. Rendering a floor plan in Blender
  101. Render region settings
  102. Eevee quick settings for interiors
  103. New snapping options (Perpendicular and center)
  104. NPR Effect for renders (Outline)
  105. Sun Light settings - Shadows
  106. Eevee DoF (Experimental build)
  107. Equirectangular render for interiors
  108. How to use displacement maps in materials
  109. PBR material settings
  110. HDR visibility controls for exteriors
  111. How to import SketchUp Files to Blender?
  112. Using IES Profiles in Cycles
  113. How to create a true isometric camera in Blender?
  114. Editing the origin point for furniture models
  115. Depth of Field effect for interiors
  116. FOV settings for interiors
  117. Using cutout textures in Blender
  118. Architectural modeling - Using feet and inches in Blender
  119. Editing UV maps and adding textures to furniture models
  120. Using CAD tools to create walls in Blender
  121. Lighting methods - Comparing HDR and the BlackBody Node
  122. Choosing a radius for round shaped walls
  123. Introduction to Geometry Nodes (2.92 Alpha)

Courses and workshops

Recently, one of the benefits introduced to all Blender 3D Architect Pro subscribers is access to an entire training material each month. In the last days of each month, we give access to the content to all active subscribers. You can keep the course or workshop regardless of your subscription status.

Here is a list of training materials distributed to subscribers:

You can only get the free workshop or course if you have an active subscription by the time we release the content, usually in the last five days of each month. If you join Blender 3D Architect Pro, you will start receiving future courses and workshops.

40% off will be applied at checkout (Code NL40OFFW)

Exclusive news feed, Assets for architecture (Furniture), Downloadable tutorials and more

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