QCAD for architecture (Workshop)

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Are you looking to enhance your technical drawing and project development skills without the high cost of commercial software? Join me in my comprehensive, workshop series where I will help you master QCAD, the powerful open-source CAD software that I have been using for years in my architectural projects!

In this workshop series, you will receive over 30 videos, each meticulously designed to guide you step-by-step from downloading and setting up QCAD, to creating complex architectural symbols and exporting your designs as PDFs. I've used both metric and imperial units in these videos to cater to a broad range of professionals.

I will personally guide you through the essential tools, features, and techniques of QCAD. Together, we'll cover precision drawing, layer management, using blocks to reuse content, working with text, creating mirrored copies, print settings, and much more.

Imagine having the freedom to learn and improve your architectural design skills at your own pace and in your own space. With my downloadable video workshop, you can revisit the content as many times as you need, ensuring you fully grasp each concept and technique. By the end of the series, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to replace expensive commercial software with QCAD for your architectural projects.

Not only will you save on costly software, but you'll also be better equipped to handle diverse and complex projects, making you a more versatile and sought-after professional in the architecture field.

Here is a list of all of the available videos:

Lesson 1

  1. How to download QCAD (03:55)
  2. Enabling the QCAD community edition (04:01)
  3. Preparing the drawing environment (05:57)
  4. The QCAD User Interface (06:00)
  5. Set default settings new drawings (01:47)

Lesson 2

  1. Zoom options managing grid scale (06:07)
  2. Drawing with QCAD (04:45)
  3. Precision drawing and coordinates Metric (06:09)
  4. Precision drawing and coordinates Imperial (05:23)
  5. Selecting drawing elements (02:45)
  6. Polilines and rectangles (03:22)
  7. Circles and arcs (02:15)

Lesson 3

  1. Using layers (04:22)
  2. Drawing walls with lines (03:25)
  3. Using the modification options to edit lines (07:00)
  4. Changing properties of drawings (02:20)
  5. Saving your files as DXF (02:06)

Lesson 4

  1. Adding another room to the project (06:42)
  2. Changing dimensions with the stretch (03:04)
  3. Drawing doors and using the copy move settings (05:29)
  4. Using blocks to reuse content (04:51)
  5. Drawing windows and turning them to blocks (04:42)
  6. Changing the move copy settings (02:07)

Lesson 5

  1. Adding projected lines and structural elements (09:46)
  2. Working with text (04:55)
  3. Using hatches with polilines (09:39)
  4. Creating mirrored copies (06:09)

Lesson 6

  1. Adding dimension lines Metric (08:55)
  2. Adding dimension lines Imperial (02:52)
  3. Using labels for doors and windows (05:55)
  4. Managing blocks with the library browser (03:50)
  5. Adding external blocks and furniture (10:38)
  6. How to fix scaling of furniture blocks (05:33)

Lesson 7

  1. Creating architectural symbols (06:02)
  2. Print settings and scales (08:09)
  3. Creating a template (11:40)
  4. Exporting as a PDF (03:35)

Are you ready to join me on this exciting journey and take your architectural design skills to the next level with QCAD?

Enroll now, download the videos, and start transforming your approach to technical drawings and project development in architecture at your own pace! Let's revolutionize the way we design together.

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$29.90 $23.92

QCAD for architecture (Workshop)

2 ratings
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