Virtual Reality for architecture with WebVR (Workshop)

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WebVR is a cutting edge technology that allows any architectural visualization artist to create cross-platform virtual reality experiences. You can create a single project and share with potential costumers, coworkers, and even embed that on a web page.

In this workshop, I will show you how to use WebVR with an open-source framework to transform your architectural projects into VR experiences. You can view your VR using a regular web browser like Google Chrome, or your smartphone with a VR headset. They are all compatible with WebVR.

What you will learn:

  • How to use a WebVR framework

  • Use Python to create a test environment

  • Create a basic scene with a-frame

  • Work with a-frame elements like a Sky background and primitives

  • Use the scene inspector to make changes to a project

  • Add interactive buttons and textures to VR

  • Render projects to use in VR

  • Create a basic VR template

  • Use animation and links inside VR

  • Navigate between scenes in VR

The workshop has a total of eight lessons with detailed explanations in how to use a-frame with plain text files saved as html code.

No coding experience required

If you don't have any coding experience in HTML or JavaScript, you find all the examples and templates ready to use in the workshop. It is possible to either copy and paste the code, or type it yourself on any plain text editor.

View your projects on a mobile browser in VR-mode

Even if you don't have an expansive VR headset, it is possible to experience a full virtual reality environment by using a mobile phone. Upload the content to a webserver and go into VR mode.

Add animations and interactivity

Besides vieweing a scene in VR mode, we can also use lots of other features from the a-frame framework. You will learn how to interact with multiple scenes using links, and also how to create animations to display messages and instructions.

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Start making immersive experiences for architecture based on the web.

Support content
Source code and templates
Detailed videos (download or stream)
Source files to try yourself

Virtual Reality for architecture with WebVR (Workshop)

0 ratings
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